22 July 2006
In a past life I was an avid ColdFusion developer from 1998 to 2004. In fact, it was the transition from ColdFusion implemented atop of J2EE that got me into Java. I had opportunity on several occations to provide feedback on Allaire and then Macromedia about features and enhancements. One feature I suggested for the current CFMX 7 release that would be useful to enterprise class performance requirements is the ability to spawn worker threads. I even created a sample tag CF_THREAD to show how it could be done. Feedback from Macromedia was that the Event Gateway was the focus of asynchronous behavior in the release. As such, it is interesting to see this come across the Adobe blogs...
While you can do multi-threading and asynchronous CFML with these POC tags, they don’t provide any of the fine-grained threading control you have with ColdFusion Event Gateways and the Asynchronous Gateway

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