30 July 2006

Ajax was big at this year's OSCON. Whereas the phrase "Web 2.0" seemed to be accompanied by awkwardly constructed sentences, noticable hesitations, or nervous laughter, "Ajax" flowed of the tongue like sugar.

Although this is only my second OSCON in as many years, from discussion with a sample of those I met this last week, OSCON is much more web-centric than in the past. Since I don't have data points to measure against, I'll have to take their word. Assuming what they say it correct, it seems highly interactive, data-rich web applications are still perculating in the minds of many.

I received no negative impressions during the conference. Only upbeat, excited developers sharing their ideas and taking it all in. I didn't hear one complaint about unsatisfactory jobs, layoffs, or boring projects. Everyone seemed rather excited about the state of the web economy. It is highly likely that the nature of the conference is a filter itself.

But back to Ajax. About that perculating. Notice that I left off social from "highly interactive, data-rich web applications." If memory serves me correctly, I only recall one "social" vendor and very limited sessions addressing social software. But there was plenty of sessions and vendors focusing on Ajax technologies. If anyone had a different impression, leave a comment.