08 February 2007

Everyone is a buzz about Yahoo!'s Pipes. And rightly so. This type of mashup builder might finally rid the word "mashup" from Google Maps. I got about 10 minutes of play time before the Eastern seaboard woke up to give the new service a try.

I need to play with this a bit more to have a better opinion. So would all of you just stop hitting the server? Until then, the only comment I have is Yahoo! missed a great opportunity to get rid of RSS's bugs by promoting Atom over RSS. I know that Yahoo! doesn't share my sentiment for Atom, however.

Yahoo! Pipes!

Yahoo! Pipes: Deconstructing a Pipe

Yahoo! Pipes: The Modules for Building Pipes


Yahoo's Pipes Hard to Grok But Snazzy

Yahoo Launches Pipes for Data Mashups

Yahoo! Launches Pipes

Yahoo Launches Pipes, an RSS Remixer

Yahoo! Pipes: Ajax Mashup Builder

Pipes and Filters for the Internet

And that was just by 9:30 AM EST!