27 September 2007

I was tagged by Joe Gregorio. A very long time ago. At the time my motive was to stop the viral madness. But, in sweeping out my drafts folder, I figured why not post the five things without 'tagging' anyone else:

  1. I lived in Durban, South Africa from 1997 to 1999 serving a mission for my church. I'm saddened that many of the life-long friendships I made there have already ended in the 8 years since due to the AIDS crisis in South Africa. It really is a tragedy.
  2. I have the most amazing wife and mother of my two children of 3 years and 9 months.
  3. I lack the confidence that many exhibit in this industry. This explains why many of my thoughts never get to this blog. I just need to write confidently.
  4. I like being the center of attention on my own terms. For example, I can be annoyingly outgoing in one setting only to appear extremely shy in another.
  5. I played bass guitar in Before Braille, a now defunct rock band. Toured our little hearts out but couldn't make a dent in the music industry. We opened for Jimmy Eat World, the Used, and the Format, among others. It was a lot of fun and, if anything, touring months on end taught me that I wanted the married life.