13 March 2009
Nearly a year since any activity on this blog. It has been far too long. I had high hopes on recording my thoughts as I traverse through the technical side of my life. (I contribute frequently with my wife on our family blog.) I recorded one such thought and got my hand slapped. In retrospect, I used stronger, more confrontational language than necessary. In fact, there were several blog posts done in frustration. Yet I cowered. Decided my thoughts were not being received well. And abandoned efforts. I am going to try again. This time, however, I plan to do write ups that are less about the abstract and more about what I am actually doing. Before I felt a topic needed some grandiose raison d'ĂȘtre that fit into an even larger story arc in order to qualify as worth of posting. I now realize that that is not necessary. I've learned effective bloggers have passion, not an agenda. One person I respect, among many, in how he blogs about what he works on is Dave Johnson of Roller fame. He posts on project status, architecture, reblogs content as appropriate, with commentary. In other words, it seems to be an extension of himself. As a blog should be. I don't know Dave Johnson personally, not having the occasion to meet him. Yet I've followed his blog for years, as well as Roller and, more recently, Project SocialSite. Dave is joining IBM. I hope to find an excuse to work with Dave at some point.